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We are Mechaligence. Our expertise into Mechanical designing, Product Development, 2D to 3D CAD conversions, SPM design,  Industrial Automation,  Onsite work and also provide manufacturing support to our customer. The main aim is to provide all the above at reasonable cost & at optimum quality. Our success has been made possible by the outstanding quality and capability of our people. This high value intellect has earned us a prominent position in the engineering service domain.

How We Can Help

Every organization has some Core activities which are the heart of the organization. It can range from Design to Analysis to Production. We will help you in doing the Non-core activities leaving you to concentrate on your core activities.
If your core activity is Design then we will help you in doing the non-core activity like converting your old data to current CAD system or doing modification to existing product, providing manpower for completing your task's or help in manufacturing activities. If your core activity is production then we can help you in your design related work.

Every organization goes through a phase fluctuating demand from its customer. We will help you when you have peak load and your in house team is unable to support it. We will help you in meting demands during peak.

Our team has rich experience in creating quality 3D models. Models are created considering design intent enabling easy modification. We use major industrial tools.
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Where Do We Deal Into

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  • Mechanical Designing
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Machine Maintenace AMC
  • CFL Bulbs Assembly & Trading
  • Computer Hardware Assembly
  • Accounting / Taxation / Auditing & Other financial services

Our Group

  • Mechaligence Research & Engineering
  • Mechaligence Sales & Services
  • Infoligence Benchmark Computers
  • Yajat Financial Services